There are some issues to be aware when birdwatching in Queensland's Wet Tropics.
In most of Australia rainfall is measured in millimeters. We measure our rainfall here in metres. There is a wet season which is usually from some time in January to some time in early May.

Weather Radar screen shot
Screenshot of weather radar at the time of typing this advice - 12 Mar 2015.
Heavy rain causes creeks and rivers to flood and can cut critical roads for days.
Annual rainfall in Daintree is 4 metres.


Cow sign
Some roads are not fenced in some birdwatching areas of Daintree and the northern tablelands.


Crocodile warning sign from ABC Cooktown.
Image is courtesy of the ABC and was taken in Cooktown March 2015.

Daintree River is a prominent wildlife venue for Saltwater Crocodiles and birds.
Tours are done on boats with guides.

These warnings are put into this website because they are not common in southern areas of Australia and need to be factored in to birdwatching itineraries in Queensland's Wet Tropics. If you are going to be inconvenienced at all, it will be most likely be by the weather.