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Photo of Warren Entch, Steve Noakes, Lloyd Nielsen 
and Chris Dahlberg taken at Malanda in 1996 at the 
book launch of Birds of Queensland's wet Tropics and great Barrier reef Islands.

December 1996
At the launch of "Birds of Queensland's Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef" are Steve Noakes, chairman of the Cairns Tourism Association, Warren Entch, federal member, Lloyd Nielsen, author and Chris Dahlberg tour operator. Steve Noakes is the recipient of the 2008 Ecotourism Medal from the ecotourism association.

Peter Schei Cahir of Council, Birdlife International

Thursday, October 15, 2009
Breakfast after the birds at the Village Restaurant Daintree, Keith Fisher, Anne Schei and Peter Schei, retiring Chair of Council Birdlife International.


Photo of Mike Berwick, Terry Maloney, Jill Clapp and Lloyd Nielsen at the launch of the Daintree book.

April 1997
At Red Mill House, the launch of "Daintree, Jewel of Tropical North Queensland" are Mayor Mike Berwick AOM, Daintree Eco Lodge owner Terry Maloney, retailer and tour operator Jill Clapp and author Lloyd Nielsen.

Photo of the cover of the Daintree book.

Filmmakers, John and Junell Young are seen here at Red Mill House with  Chris Dahlberg after filming "The Lure of the Daintree" Del Richards, standing, was visiting Daintree to catch up with friends.

  Photo of the cover of Lloyd Nielsen's Birds of the Queenslands Wet Tropics and Great Barrier reef Islands.



The Cairns Post put together some short videos about some of the local characters. The clip above is about Chris Dahlberg. The clip before this one is about Clifford Frith.

Photo of Chris Dahlberg, Del Richards, John Young and Junell Young after the filming of the Lure of the Daintree.

Photo of Where to find Birds of North East Queensland field guide by Jo Wieneke.
Photo of the cover of Lure of the Daintree.

Sue and Graham Pizzey at Cairns Esplanade with Chris Dahlberg.
Sue Pizzey, Graham Pizzey & Chris Dahlberg

Photo of Bird Calls of the Daintree cassette by Harold and Audrey Crouch.

Photo of Birds of Queensland's Wet Tropics and Great Barrier Reef Passerines.
Daintree dvd cover.

That Daintree features prominently when Cairns is mentioned is not surprising. Daintree is the world heritage rainforest to the north of the City of Cairns and attracts the authors, sound recordists, photographers and filmmakers like no other. Having access to a willing and knowledgeable local birdwatcher with a small flat-bottomed boat that could get close to birds quietly for the sound recordists, filmmakers and photographers was just the icing on the cake. Chris Dahlberg and Denise Collins have been involved in the production of all these items, providing the boat, the fuel, the permits, the insurance, the time and sometimes the accommodation (Red Mill House) and meals. Daintree is synonymous with Cairns Birdwatching.

NOTE: Officially Daintree became part of Cairns with the local government amalgamation of the Douglas Shire and Cairns Council in March 2008. There has been a strong move for de-amalgamation since that moment and with council elections due in March 2012 and state elections some time after there could be some more changes.
10 March 2013. The Douglas Shire will be re-instated 1 Jan 2014.


Cairns Birdwatching Merchandise. Most of these items are available for sale. The latest release is the Birds of the Daintree DVD presented by Chris Dahlberg $19.95
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Photo of the cover of the ABC's wild sound track of Queensland tropical coast including Daintree with Chris Dahlberg.

The Australian Broadcasting Commission recorded the dawn chorus with Chris Dahlberg on the Daintree River for the Brisbane Bi-ennial.

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